Accident Protection Plan Through Extend

Accident Protection Plan Through Extend

Extend Overview

Accidents happen…but don't worry! Your product is protected against accidental damage such as drops, breaks, rips and tears for the term of your Extend Accident Protection Plan. And if your Extend plan’s term is longer than the manufacturer’s warranty, this plan also covers mechanical failures experienced during normal wear and tear after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. This plan does not cover theft or damage caused by abuse or misuse, so be nice to your stuff.



Extend Advantage

  • Product Repair - If your product stops working, Extend will repair it at no additional cost!
  • Accidental Damage - Protection for your product from unintentional breaks and drops.
  • Peace of Mind - Use your product freely and without worry. Extend has you covered!
  • Failure Protection - When regular use of your product over time results in failure.
  • Zero Deductible - Extend will never charge you a deductible after the purchase of a plan.
  • Customer-Focused Support - Extend offers a simple, easy claims process with a customer service team that is happy to help.



How does it work?

Extending your warranty coverage through Extend and protecting yourself against accidents, cracks, etc. is as simple as:

  1. Navigate to the product you want to buy on our website
  2. Select the coverage you want (1 Year, 2 Year, 3 Year)
  3. Checkout
  4. Voila! Your accidental coverage begins on the date the product is delivered!



Can I purchase an Extend Accident Protection Plan later?

Absolutely! You have 90 days after your purchase date to add an Extend Accident Protection Plan. Just reach out to our customer service department and we'll get you setup!

Contact Customer Support



How do I file an Extend claim?

Extend is ready to help when you need them! You can reach them through their online claims portal or give them a call:

Claims Portal:

Extend Phone Number: 1-877-248-7707

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