Do you have a two-person kayak?

Do you have a two-person kayak?

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    • Do you have a two person kayak?

      We do, the Yellowfin 130T is a tandem (fits 2 people) kayak. You can also swap out seats and transform it into a single-seater with 13-feet of tackle storage so you can bring your entire garage of fishing gear! Check it out here.
    • Can I put a trolling motor on a Vibe fishing kayak?

      Yes, you can install a motor on Vibe fishing kayaks. Once installed, you will need to register the kayak with the state in order to comply with local boating laws, and you are responsible for adhering to all boating laws. To install a trolling motor ...
    • How do I store my fishing kayak?

      The recommended way to store your kayak is on its sides, which are the thickest, strongest part of the kayak. You can achieve this by using straps (suspended from your ceiling) or by securely propping it against a wall.
    • What is the kayak delivery process?

      Overview Kayaks are oversized items that require special handling and delivery services and take special handling to make the long-trek to your delivery location. We use a wide-range of carriers from UPS Freight to specialized oversized freight ...
    • Why does my kayak look different than another kayak in the same color?

      Each one is slightly different, like a snowflake! Each kayak has its own color variation! Color variations are not covered under the warranty. The kayaks are made from poured plastic so each kayak has a unique color blend. If you would like to return ...