Does the X-Drive Pedal Kit come with the pedal pod?

Does the X-Drive Pedal Kit come with the pedal pod?

Yes - The X-Drive Pedal Kit includes the X-Drive pedal system, X-Drive Pedal Pod and Steering Handle.
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    • How do I assemble and install the X-Drive Pedal Kit?

      The Vibe X-Drive Pedal Kit allows fast, but smooth-and-easy pedal acceleration and stopping using XD fins. Quick-swap from your included standard flat-deck Base pod to a X-Drive pedal mounting pod to easily use the Vibe X-Drive pedal system. The ...
    • Does the X-Drive go in reverse?

      No our X-drive kit is not reverse compatible, but our Impulse drive has a hands free reverse! The Shearwater and Makana are compatible with some third-party drives that do go in reverse. The Hobie Mirage V1 and V2, and 180 will fit in our pedal ...
    • What is the warranty on the X-Drive Pedal Kit and other parts of the Shearwater?

      The Shearwater hull has a limited lifetime manufacture defect warranty. The X-Drive Pedal Kit has a 5-year manufacture defect warranty. All other parts on the kayak have a one-year manufacturer defect warranty.
    • Impulse Drive Kit Manual

      With the Vibe Impulse Drive Kit your pedal drive compatible Vibe Kayak transforms entirely! The prop drive system gives you the ultimate instant control over your propulsion. Allowing you to move forward backwards and even counter pedal to a stop ...
    • What pedal drive systems are compatible with the Shearwater?

      The Vibe X-Drive Pedal Kit was designed specifically for the Shearwater 125. However, the Hobie Mirage V1, V2, 180 will also fit as long as you use the X-Drive Pod.