How can I make my Hero Seat sit up higher?

How can I make my Hero Seat sit up higher?

If you have the Hero Seat 2.0 you can add the Summit Perch to add some extra height.

Most people use PVC piping when making their own kits, but be mindful that DIY options may compromise the integrity of the product and Vibe takes no responsibility nor liability. It could void your warranty. If you do choose to tackle a DIY option, we have a very talented group of DIYers in our Vibe Facebook Owners Group that can give you tips. Check it out here! Be mindful that changing the height of the seat will affect the stability of your kayak. 

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    • What kayaks are compatible with each seat?

      The Summit Seat is compatible with the Shearwater 125 and Cubera 120. The Hero Seat and Hero Seat 2.0 are compatible with the Makana 100, Sea Ghost models and Yellowfin models. The Deluxe seat is compatible with the Skipjack models.
    • How do I assemble and install the Hero Seat 2.0?

      Check out our instructional video below!
    • What seat is compatible with the Cubera 120?

      The Summit Seat latches securely on the Cubera 120. You could also use a variety of seats as well though. The flat deck allows for customizations!
    • What is the Summit Seat and how do I install it?

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