How do I inspect a delivered kayak?

How do I inspect a delivered kayak?


Kayaks must be inspected carefully and thoroughly upon delivery, so that you make sure you have everything you ordered, and that there were no damages in transit. If the product is signed for without damage being reported or if the driver leaves the property without the damage being reported, Vibe Kayaks won't be able to replace it. You will have to accept the kayak as is.

What do I look for?

Upon delivery, carefully unwrap your kayak and thoroughly inspect for major damage. Be mindful not to cut through seat fabric or bungee cord or damage the hull when cutting through tape and plastic. Below are the types of damages you are looking for and what to do if you find any.

Minor Damage

Bumps and bruises are a natural part of kayaks and will happen the first time a kayak is loaded on your vehicle and taken to the lake. Although we do our best to provide optimal packaging for residential delivery, large plastic objects are bound to have a few minor scuffs along the journey.

Damage Examples:

  1. Scratches and nicks
  2. Broken parts such as the rudder or handles
  3. Gouges in the hull

What to do if you find minor damage:

  1. Take pictures of the minor damage
  2. Note the damage on the Bill of Lading
  3. Accept and sign for the shipment
  4. Contact Customer Service

Major Damage

While major shipping damage is extremely is rare, it's very important to thoroughly inspect your kayak delivery for performing altering hull damage. Once a kayak delivery is signed for and accepted, we are unable to file a claim with the shipping company and you'll have to accept the kayak as is.

Damage Examples:

  1. Holes that pierce the hull
  2. Major dents that fold or crease the plastic
  3. Cracks in the hull

What to do if you find major damage:

  1. Take pictures of the minor damage
  2. Note the damage on the Bill of Lading
  3. Refuse delivery of the kayak
  4. Submit a shipping damage claim using the link below:

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