How do I install the rudder on my Vibe Shearwater fishing kayak?

How do I install the rudder on my Vibe Shearwater fishing kayak?

The Vibe Gravity Rudder offers a robust double-hinged, 90° Slide and Stow mechanism that gets the rudder completely out of the water in a heartbeat if it hits an underwater obstacle. 

In addition, the Gravity Rudder's versatile system has a lot of benefits that other rudders lack; including the ability to quickly and easily mount a Bixpy J1 Powershroud Motor, and it also features a locking mechanism that allows the rudder to lock into place when motorized in forward or reverse. With the Bixpy J1 attached, your kayak will have a punch of power to propel a kayak for more than 75 minutes at continuous full speed and 10+ hours in trolling speeds.


Installation is easy! Just follow these steps and you will be on the water in no time.

You won't need any tools for installation.


  1. Take the linchpin off the bottom of the rudder post.

  2. Place the rudder post into the metal collar on the rear of the kayak & reinstall the linchpin.

  3. Go to the foot controls (or hand steering control) and insert the steering cable into the tubes in the hull, feeding them all the way through until they come out the back of the boat. If they get stuck, try tying the cable to a thick (~40lb) piece of monofilament and feeding that through first, pulling the cable through.

  4. Tie the cable to the rudder with a barrel knot.

And that is all there is to it, your Gravity Rudder is good to go!

And whether you choose to hook up the Vibe Free Flow Foot Braces, the Vibe Steering Handle, or BOTH you will have complete control over your next adventure.