Vibe Anchor Pole

Vibe Anchor Pole

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    • How do I install the anchor trolley on my Vibe fishing kayak?

      The anchor trolley comes with instructions and is super easy to install! You simply pre drill your holes. Put a dab of silicone over them, then plug in the hardware as needed. If you have access to the inside of the kayak, use backing on the ...
    • Vibe Gear Track Base

      The four brass inserts on your Yellowfin 100 in front of the cupholder, is made specifically to put a Vibe Gear Track base there, so you can install any accessory! The screws are M6x18mm.
    • Adjusting The Vibe Foot Braces

      Adjusting Vibe Foot Braces is simple: No tools are needed, as the foot braces come pre-installed, and adjustment can be done by hand. Instructions: Pull the trigger on the back of the foot brace. Slide the brace into the best position for you (we ...
    • What is the Facebook Vibe Owners Group for?

      The Vibe Kayaks Owners group on Facebook is a community of folks who love everything Mother Nature has to offer, but especially getting out on the water for paddling and kayak fishing. The Vibe Tribe provides fantastic resources for tips and tricks ...
    • Does the Shearwater come Power Pole ready?

      Yes, it does!