What is the Facebook Vibe Owners Group for?

What is the Facebook Vibe Owners Group for?

The Vibe Kayaks Owners group on Facebook is a community of folks who love everything Mother Nature has to offer, but especially getting out on the water for paddling and kayak fishing. The Vibe Tribe provides fantastic resources for tips and tricks on everything from kayaking and fishing, to rigging and DIY kayak MODs. Plus, it’s an awesome space to share your adventures!  No other social group is as supportive and helpful around kayak fishing as the Vibe Owners Group, so be sure to stop by and ask questions.

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    • How can I make my Hero Seat sit up higher?

      If you have the Hero Seat 2.0 you can add the Summit Perch to add some extra height. Most people use PVC piping when making their own kits, but be mindful that DIY options may compromise the integrity of the product and Vibe takes no responsibility ...
    • Do you recommend a certain trolling motor?

      Trolling motors are a personal preference, and while we here at Vibe love what they do at Bixpy, you may find other recommendations in our Facebook Owners Group!
    • Vibe Anchor Pole

      Our Vibe Anchor Pole is 7', 3 pieces, with a diameter of 3/4". https://vibekayaks.com/products/vibe-anchor-pole-7-fiberglass-3-piece?_pos=2&_psq=anchor&_ss=e&_v=1.0
    • Vibe Gear Track Base

      The four brass inserts on your Yellowfin 100 in front of the cupholder, is made specifically to put a Vibe Gear Track base there, so you can install any accessory! The screws are M6x18mm. https://vibekayaks.com/products/vibe-gear-track-base
    • Adjusting The Vibe Foot Braces

      Adjusting Vibe Foot Braces is simple: No tools are needed, as the foot braces come pre-installed, and adjustment can be done by hand. Instructions: Pull the trigger on the back of the foot brace. Slide the brace into the best position for you (we ...