How do I submit a warranty claim?

How do I submit a warranty claim?

Although it is unlikely that your Vibe kayak will experience a performance altering manufacturing defect during its lifetime, we have your back if you come across a problem. To submit a manufacturing defect warranty claim, follow the steps below:

  1. Review Warranty Coverage
    Click the link below to review Vibe Kayak's warranty coverage to see if your defect is covered.
    Limited Lifetime Manufacturing Defect Warranty

  2. Gather Info
    If you believe your problem is a performance altering manufacturing defect, gather the info below to submit with your warranty claim so we can get you back on the water as soon as possible:
    1. Serial Number - Hull Identification Number located on the stern (i.e. serial number)
    2. Proof of Purchase - Receipt from Vibe Kayaks or an authorized dealer
    3. Description - Description of the problem and the incident the problem occurred
    4. Pictures / Videos - We'll need to pictures and / or video to review the problem

  3. Submit Warranty Claim
    Click the link below, fill out the form and Vibe customer service will review your submission and reply in 3-5 business days.



What happens after I make a claim?

Your claim will be reviewed by our customer service team and you will be contacted within 3-5 business days after submission of the claim. If we determine that a performance altering defect is attributable to materials or workmanship, Vibe will have your kayak or part repaired or replaced. If you are within 100 miles of an authorized dealer and your kayak needs repair, you will be asked to bring your kayak to their location for repair. If a part or kayak is no longer available, Vibe will replace it with a comparable product.



I purchased an Accidental Protection Plan, how do I submit a claim?

Sweet! You're super covered! If you damaged your product and you purchased an Extend Accidental Coverage Plan, use the link below to find contact information for Extend's claim submission:

Extend Accidental Coverage Plan